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What Our Clients Say

“His greatness has arrived. Me and Wout (renamed marcuz) Today! He is simply Spectacular. Perfect In every way. Settled right in and is very affectionate. Pretty incredible. He is an excellent and superior example of a Friesian. He took to me very very quickly and vice versa Thank u for facilitating This remarkable gift.. Thank you!”NikkiCanada

“Arjan is super fine and doing well, he is sweet and calm. Thank you again Janna, I am very very happy to have moved forward with purchasing Arjan from Black Sterling Friesians! Thank you again, Janna, for your patience with me and taking me through the whole process! This is a dream come true for me (at 47 years old!) . Thank you!”IsabelleHouston, USA

“Hi Diamond Friesians! Here’s my dreamboat, Rikki! I am so in love with this guy! An absolute sweetheart! Please pass on to his previous owner that he is doing AMAZING!

Thank you for what you do for all us Friesian lovers!!!!!! Thank you!” KarenNC, USA