Travis – $10000

7 Yr old
16.0 hands

7 yrs old and already a gelding, this Thorben x Arjen friesian for sale  is 164 cm (just over 16 hands) and a PLEASURE to work with!

He has an incredibly reliable character.  Sporting a baroque build, Travis is not only accustomed to being worked out in the dressage arena, he ALSO likes going  for rides outside and on long trail rides by himself!

We are always looking for reasonably priced, EXPERIENCED, ideally aged, registered friesian geldings—–meet TRAVIS—he is a bit older, been there—DONE THAT, and has proven himself safe in a variety of settings.

Not only is Travis “easy on the eyes”, but he has an outstanding pedigree, sired by Thorben SPORT and out of a mare by the approved stallion, Arjen SPORT—a dressage SUPERSTAR!!!! These 2 FPS Approved Breeding Stallions represent some of the most highly desired sires in the Friesian Studbook. Not only is each sire known for his excellent movement and sport ability, but they also pass these positive traits on to their offspring!

He is not only jet black, Travis is charming!!! He certainly inherited poppa Thorben’s gentle, friendly character! Everybody who rides or drives Travis falls head over heels in love with him.

And the best of all: he is really comfy to sit on, just like sitting on your favorite recliner! We are very impressed with his willingness to work.

Travis is uncomplicated, cool, and easy to handle in all situations.

Double trained to both ride AND drive, Travis drives as a single, in a pair and in a 4 in hand.

He was most recently used in a riding school during the week and driven by his owner on the weekends.

This is a very kind Friesian Gelding for sale, safe, sane, sound, reasonably priced, never been sick and with no history of illness or colic/lameness.

You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy Travis, he is uncomplicated! And he LIKES going on trails!



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