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9 Yr old
16.2 hands

How about a little SALT with your pepper????


16.2 1/2 hands (169 cm), 50% Friesian; Training PSG, a DELIGHT to work with and ride, soft in your hand, easy to ride in a snaffle, xrayed.

Silver just got a winning point (scored above 65%) in ZZ licht this year.

Silver is a stallion (we can deliver as a gelding if you wish) with the MOST AMAZING APPEARANCE, with 50% Friesian blood he has a long thick mane and a beautiful head!!!

The other 50% of his blood comes from his sire Topspeed Perry, a rare Russian  Orlov trotter. This combination has provided him additional stamina and flexibility.

Under the saddle, he always gives his full attention and energy and is easy to work with.
Silver is just a JOY to ride—he is soft in your hand, reacts quickly to your leg, and WANTS to please his rider.

Despite the fact that he is currently a stallion, he does not show this at all, which makes him good and easy to handle and in other areas, and on trail rides, and excellent with other horses.

Silver is now competing for ZZ Licht in Europe (Prix St George) and scoring well!!

He also does his best when driving, and he can compete in the single, pair, four-in-hand as well as in the 6 and 8 team driving events.

Silver has a lot of dressage show experience, as well as pulling carriages at weddings, and marathon experience.

All in all, here is a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS LONG HAIRED dapple grey versatile stallion with an elegant exterior and super character to work with that is an ideal age and is a fantastic DRESSAGE SCHOOLMASTER.


2 reviews for SILVER KNIGHT – $16000

  1. Mozdzanowski

    Oh, the horse that i bought from you people is exactly everything that i was mentioned in the description. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.

  2. Maria & Jimmy

    We bought Cam Ster and he is doing just fine. If Silver Knight is not sold out in 2 weeks i will be ready for him. Thank you so much. God bless.

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